Bad News For Fans Expecting Jon Bon Jovi To Go On Tour

Bon Jovi’s latest album, ‘Forever,’ arrived on June 7, but the band might not tour to promote the album due to Jon Bon Jovi’s ongoing vocal recovery. The vocalist is still not ready, as he recently told The Guardian:

“It’s a work in progress. There’s no miracle. I just wish there was a f**king light switch. I’m more than capable of singing again. The bar is now: can I do two and a half hours a night, four nights a week? The answer is no.”

He’s Working On His Full Recovery

Jon underwent surgery in 2022 to fix his uneven vocal cords, but the process has been slow. He needs practice and training to get better, according to his previous interviews.

The singer shared with Entertainment Tonight in April:

“Day to day, I’m working hard on it. Nothing else matters until I work on getting better. It’s up to God at this point. I’ve done everything I can do.”

The Singer Wants To Start Performing Live

The Bon Jovi vocalist mentioned his desire to be back on stage in a May chat with BBC’s ‘The One Show.’ He was optimistic about his recovery and return back then:

“I’m great. Well, you see in the documentary that has everyone talking were shot one and two years ago. So, I’m well on the road to recovering, in fact, if you’ve been in my hotel room today you would have heard ‘Livin’ on a Prayer,’ and other songs that I was belting out in the bedroom.”

His words went on:

“I just kept looking at venues that I played before driving to the town and I’m like, ‘Gotta get back to work.’”

Jon Bon Jovi also says he might retire if he can’t get his former vocal strength back.