Avril Lavigne On Working With ‘Stars’ Like Machine Gun Kelly And Travis Barker

In an interview with Euphoria, the pop-punk icon Avril Lavigne recently talked about collaborating with notable stars like Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly.

Avril Lavigne’s songs were the ultimate tunes of the teenagers in the 2000s with their themes and sounds. She never ceased to please punk teenagers with her iconic songs such as ‘Girlfriend,’ ‘Sk8er Boi,’ and ‘Complicated.’ She was eventually named the princess of the pop-punk genre, and even though she grew up in age, she still provides amazing songs for her fans.

Recently, Lavigne collaborated with Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly and signed to Barker’s record label. She released ‘Love Sux’ this year, produced by Blink-182 drummer, and collaborated with the new rock star of the scene, MGK. In the song ‘Bois Lie,’ Barker is not only the producer but also the drummer. The album came out in February 2022, and Lavigne talked about working with these names.

She stated that working on this album has been more fun than her first album, ‘Let Go,’ which brought her under the spotlight of the music industry. She referred to Barker and MGK as ‘actual artists’ and praised their talents. The singer didn’t forget to add that MGK always has ideas, and she is a fan of this creativity.

Here is what she stated about Barker and MGK:

“Well, I’ll tell you, working with them was way the f*ck more fun than my first album. Working with actual artists is way the f*ck more fun, and they’re so talented. Like Machine Gun Kelly walks in, and he’s like, ‘Yeah, I got this idea!’ And he grabs a guitar and sits down, and starts playing. These people are stars.”

You can listen to Lavigne, MGK, and Barker’s song ‘Bois Lie’ below.