Ash Costello Claims Vinnie Paul Gave New Years Day His Blessing For Playing Pantera Songs

Ash Costello shared some of her favorite songs in a recent chat with Metal Hammer. She mentioned her love for a specific Pantera song and revealed getting Vinnie Paul’s blessing to cover it:

“‘F*cking Hostile’ is my favourite Pantera song. We ended up covering it and still play it to this day. Whenever I wake up on tour, the part of the day I look forward to is getting onstage and playing ‘F*cking Hostile.’ We got to play it in front of [late drummer] Vinnie Paul. We got his blessing and he loved it, so I feel very honoured.”

New Years Day supported Paul’s band Hellyeah during their ‘We’re All In This Together’ tour in 2016. They also played songs from the late drummer’s ex-band in multiple events like a 2019 show at the Z93 studios.

She Is A Big Pantera Fan

The group made a cover of ‘F*cking Hostile’ for their EP ‘Diary Of A Creep’ in 2018. Ash Costello told Alternative Press at the time that she has been a Pantera fan since her teens. She recalled:

“When I was in high school, there were different groups of kids. The goth kids. The ska kids. The punk kids. The metal kids. I had ins with all of them. The metal gang was all about the music. Every lunchtime, it was only about listening to each other’s favorite metal songs together at our table in the school quad.”

The bands her gang played ‘ranged from Iron Maiden and Megadeth to Slayer and Cradle Of Filth.’ The singer continued:

“But one band really did it for me. F*cking Pantera. The guitar riffs. The guitar tone. The songs’ subject matter. The way they looked. Something about it just felt like mine. And above all the other songs, after all this time, ‘F*cking Hostile’ still makes every single one of my ‘before I hit the stage’ playlists.”

Costello noted that the 1992 track also shaped her songwriting and New Years Day’s music.