Anthrax Star Charlie Benante Comments On ‘The Rolling Stones Vs. The Beatles’ Debate In ’70s


During his appearance on the podcast Tour Talk, Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante shared his opinions on the everlasting ‘The Rolling Stones versus The Beatles’ battle.

Although the pair seem to respect each other deeply, the comparison between The Rolling Stones and The Beatles has even been a subject to a book. As you may know, the two bands have been involved in a war of words since the 1960s. John Lennon, the frontman of The Beatles, was known to state that Mick Jagger had imitated them, while Mick Jagger said that he would not care if The Beatles broke up. However, Mick later inducted The Beatles into the Hall of Fame, stating that they had always ended up friends despite their rivalry.

More recently, former Beatles member Paul McCartney said that Beatles were better than Stones. Mick Jagger replied to this claim, saying that Rolling Stones is still playing on the stadiums while The Beatles does not exist today, adding there is no competition between them. However, the fans are still comparing the two after decades of competition.

In the 12th episode of Tour Talk Podcast, Charlie Benante has also touched upon this comparison. Benante regarded the British bands as more qualified than the Americans back then, adding The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were the bands he still drew from. He claimed that they took blues and did something else with it, making it a globally accepted music. Benante then said he had always loved both, considering the long-standing comparison. He praised them both and said that it was amazing they did all of these songs back then, considering them as classics. He then suggested that that’s the thing people need to do nowadays, to try to get better.

On the Beatles and Stones comparison and his taste of music, Benante has said in the podcast that:

“The land where I feel that most of my happiness and music comes from – always from fucking England, I always draw from that. Because it just seems like back in the day, they got what a lot of the blues cats here were doing when the Americans really didn’t even get it. The Beatles and The Stones took it and did something else with it, just made it global. I still draw from those bands – The Beatles and The Stones. I still think that The Stones were the first punk-rock band – they were just punks! And there’s always been The Beatles/Stones thing, but I’ve always loved both.”

Benante then added his thoughts on their music and his suggestions, saying:

“Every time I hear a song from The Beatles too, of course, but The Stones – they’ll have a riff, or they’ll have this musical piece, and yet the thing that Jagger sings completely takes that and elevates it to another place. And it’s just amazing how they had all these songs, and every single one of them is just so classic. That’s the thing people need to do nowadays! You need to be better!”

As it seems, although it has been accepted over the years that there are many similarities along with some differences between the two bands and their music, the comparison between them is not going to end for now.