Ann Wilson Was More Than Willing To Jump On Board With Disturbed, Mike Wengren Explains

Disturbed is getting ready to release their new album ‘Divisive,’ which will mark the first time the band has collaborated with another artist to feature in one of their projects. Drummer Mike Wengren told Terrie Carr of WDHA-FM how they ended up performing a duet with Ann Wilson for the song ‘Don’t Tell Me.’

Regarding how the duet came to fruition, the drummer said, “That was always supposed to be the ‘power ballad,’ per se. And as we were tracking it in the studio, David just threw out the idea, ‘Hey, let’s do a duet on this song.’ We’ve tossed the idea around, but there wasn’t ever either the right material or the right time. So, in this case, we said, ‘Well, who you’ve got in mind?’ And he didn’t even have a list; he just had one person, and that was Ann. It was a no-brainer. ‘Hey, let’s hit up Ann. Let’s see if she’d be into it.’ And she was on board right away; we didn’t have to convince her.”

He continued to tell the backstory of how they initially had an interaction with Ann, “David and Ann struck up a bit of a friendship, a little bit of a rapport. When Disturbed’s cover version of ‘The Sound Of Silence’ came out years back and had success, she was one of many artists and celebrities that took it upon themselves to go on Twitter and praise the song and praise our version of it, which we couldn’t have been more honored.”

“Iconic, legendary Ann Wilson thinks we did a great job with a Simon and Garfunkel cover,” said the drummer. “That’s pretty incredible, a pretty great honor. So when we reached out to her, she was more than willing to jump on board. And she came in, and she killed it. And she’s super cool and down to earth too, and just incredibly talented. It’s such an honor to have her on our record.”

“The blending of her voice and David’s voice work so well together,” shared Wengren. “I’m so proud of David and honored to have her a part of our record. And the thing is, now that the record’s coming out, we can finally say it. We’ve been sitting on this for months and months, and we’ve had to keep quiet about it. So to be able to let it out finally, it’s, like, ‘Yeah! Guess what! Guess what we did.’”

The album ‘Divisive’ will be released on November 18. Three singles from the upcoming LP, ‘Hey You,’ ‘Unstoppable,’ and ‘Divisive,’ arrived in the past months. The band can’t wait to finally share the album so fans can hear what they have been working on for so long.