Ann Wilson Names The Jeff Buckley Record That Haunts Her Constantly

Heart frontwoman Ann Wilson recently joined Ray Shasho’s Interviewing The Legends for a conversation. The singer admitted that Jeff Buckley‘s song named ‘Forget Her’ haunts her whenever she hears it somewhere.

On August 23, 1994, Jeff Buckley released his only studio album titled ‘Grace.’ Following the release, the album received mixed reviews and had poor sales. However, following Buckley’s tragic death on May 29, 1997, it gained a critical reputation and became a classic album among rock fans.

The album’s tenth anniversary was on August 23, 2004, and an extended version of the ‘Grace’ album, dubbed the Legacy Edition, was released. Although it was recorded to feature in the initial release, Buckley’s song ‘Forget Her’ appeared in this album version.

During one of her shows at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom on August 18, 2021, Heart’s Ann Wilson covered ‘Forget Her,’ and the fans received her version well. The singer revealed her thoughts on the song in an interview with Ray Shasho’s Interviewing The Legends.

Wilson told the host Shasho that ‘Forget Her’ haunted her every time she heard it. She then said the song’s lyrics get more powerful when taken out of the first-person point of view, and that’s what she did with it. So, the track ended up being the story of someone watching another person trying to heal their broken heart by telling their story.

During the conversation, Ann Wilson said about ‘Forget Her’ the following:

That song just haunted me every time I heard it. Sometimes, it’s more powerful if you take it out of the first person. So, that’s what I did with ‘Forget Her.’ It’s now somebody watching someone try to get over their broken heart and tell their story.”

Below, you can watch the interview and Ann Wilson’s cover of ‘Forget Her.’