Andy Taylor Explains Why He Hid His Health Struggle From Duran Duran

Andy Taylor recently joined an interview with Virgin Radio UK and opened up about the reasons behind keeping his health issues from the rest of the members of Duran Duran.

When asked how the band reacted to the letter he wrote about his illness days before they all were to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the guitarist responded by saying:

“Apart from a few friends in Ibiza, which is… and I mean a very few friends and a couple of people kind of sort of had a sense it was something not right, I purposely, with the family, didn’t want to get it into the public domain just to protect my family from… they get enough of, ‘Oh how is your dad? What’s he up to?’ They get that all the time. They get fed up with that.”

He continued, further reflecting on how he felt about his health struggles:

“So like that as well, and every time they have a conversation, it’s predicated by… so I’m like, ‘No, just get on with your life. Go to Mexico, have fun. There’s no point this holding you back because there’s nothing we can do apart from get on with it and me using my superpowers to try and find ways to try and stay alive.”

Taylor gave another reason for keeping his health issues private, explaining:

“I didn’t want my family, who are all young adults who’d just been through the pandemic… My son’s business was destroyed, my daughter had just finished art college, film business shutdowns… all of this kind of stuff. So they’ve just been through the pandemic, and I was like, ‘No, let’s just get on with it.'”

The musician couldn’t attend Duran Duran’s Hall of Fame induction due to his stage IV prostate cancer. Fans found out about it during the band’s speech. In an interview with 5 News, Andy talked about how he felt when his bandmates read his letter at the ceremony without him. He said:

“So, I had to miss the ceremony; quite a public event and it was on HBO. It’s just funny how these things collide. So, I wrote a letter to the band explaining the situation, and they very graciously and generously read that out before the ceremony. That’s when it went public, but I didn’t have any plan; it wasn’t something [prepared].”

You can watch the rest of the conversation below.