Andy Summers Says He Was The Highest-Paid Guitarist During The Police’s Reunion Tour

During a recent interview with Telegraph, former Police guitarist Andy Summers revealed how much he made from the Police’s reunion tour, which apparently made him the highest-paid guitarist in the world.

The Police officially disbanded in 1986 when the band members failed to record a new studio album due to personal problems among them. All decided to go their own way and pursued a solo career in the following years. There were rumors in 2007 that The Police would reunite for a tour to mark the Police’s 30th anniversary, which was confirmed by the band later on.

They opened the 49th Annual Grammy Awards and promoted their reunion tour. The Police Reunion Tour began in May 2007 and ended in August 2008. It was a huge commercial success as it became the third highest-grossing tour of all time. Many concert tickets were sold out in minutes. During the recent interview, Andy Summers revealed that The 2007 Reunion Tour brought the most money he has ever made.

Summers stated that they sold out in every stadium they played and it was an amazing experience for all the band members. Summers also added that he thinks he was probably the highest-paid guitarist in the world during the whole tour as he earned a million dollars a night. As Andy Summers said, they performed 150 shows, which means they made a great deal of money.

Andy Summers speaking on the Police Reunion:

“And I hate to say it – well no, I don’t hate to say it – I think I was the highest-paid guitarist in the world during that Reunion Tour. I got about $1m a night, and we did 150 nights. Someone’s got to do the job.”

The Police announced during the tour that they would break up again and there wouldn’t be any new album or new tour. The tour sold 3.7 million tickets in total and grossed $358 million, which made the band the world’s highest-earning musicians in 2008.