Alice In Chains’ William DuVall Releases The First Single Of His Upcoming Album

Alice In Chains co-vocalist and rhythm guitarist William DuVall recently announced the release of his forthcoming album entitled ‘11.12.21 Live-In-Studio Nashville’s first single via an Instagram post.

Apart from sharing the vocal duties with Jerry Cantrell and playing rhythm guitar for Alice In Chains since 2006, William DuVall has also focused on other musical projects. DuVall has played a significant role in several bands throughout his career, and he also began his solo music career in 2019.

On October 4, 2019, DuVall released his debut solo record ‘One Alone’ via his label DVL. The album’s lead single ‘Til The Light Guides Me Home’ debuted on BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show on July 21, 2019, while the second single, titled ‘White Hot,’ was released on October 1, 2019.

DuVall went on a tour to promote his ‘One Alone’ album following the release. Later on, the guitarist and singer began working on another record. Titled ‘11.12.21 Live-In-Studio Nashville,’ this new record is a live album recorded completely analog within 40 minutes at the Welcome to 1979 Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. It is set to drop on June 10.

In a recent Instagram post, William DuVall revealed the upcoming album’s recording process. He announced the music video’s release for its first single, ‘Rockslide.’ He stated that he recorded this album without computers or tape. He then said that although he recorded and mixed it under 40 minutes, it’s an album informed by many lifetimes.

William DuVall’s Instagram post read:

“I cut a record last year. Literally. No computers, no tape. Just a needle cutting grooves directly into a plastic lacquer disc as we played live. The ‘we’ in question is me on the 6 (and the singing), the great Jeffrey Blount on the 4, and the phenomenal Greyson Nekrutman on batterie. Four songs per side, no dead air, and no breaks (except to change the lacquer between sides). An album recorded and mixed in just under 40 minutes but informed by many lifetimes.

‘11.12.21 Live-In-Studio Nashville’ comes out June 10 on vinyl – AAA 180-gram LPs in six different color variants between the U.S., UK, and European editions, gatefold sleeve, each individually numbered and autographed, as well as on CD (6-panel digipak, also signed) and streaming. Pre-orders start right now. The first single, ‘Rockslide,’ is also out now. Get some.”

You can listen to William DuVall’s ‘Rockslide’ below.