Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell On Rob Trujillo Joining His Dark Journey

Jerry Cantrell released his ‘Degradation Trip’ at a really unfortunate time. The album hit the shelves two months after his close friend and bandmate Layne Staley’s tragic passing. For that reason, ‘Degradation Trip’ was an effort that caused Cantrell pain. In a recent Instagram post, the musician decided to thank Rob Trujillo, who was by his side during that dark journey.

Cantrell was working on his second solo effort, ‘Degradation Trip,’ when Alice In Chains was on a hiatus. He entered a state of self-imposed isolation and came up with 25 songs during that period. The musician then got together with Mike Bordin and Rob Trujillo and recorded the album. Sadly, his close friend Layne Staley died two months before the album’s release.

“I have the utmost respect for Mike Bordin and Rob Trujillo,” said Jerry Cantrell in his Instagram post. “It was an honor to have them take the D trip with me. They bled for it as much as I did, and it all comes through on the record. It was a hard, dark journey made lighter in the company of my amigos.”

So, it appears like Rob Trujillo and Mike Bordin helped Jerry Cantrell to process his emotions during those dark times. As the musician wasn’t sober then, the grieving process was possibly more difficult for him. In the post’s comments section, Cantrell’s fans expressed their feelings about the album and hoped the trio would reunite for another project.

Photo Credit: Jerry Cantrell – Instagram