Alice Cooper States Substance Addiction Triggered His Identity Crisis

During a recent interview with Classic Rock, Alice Cooper reflected on his days with substance abuse and how it affected his identity. Apparently, his drugs and alcohol addiction blurred the line between his alter ego as ‘Alice Cooper,’ and his real self.

Just like many other rock stars, Alice Cooper also suffered from substance addiction in the early days of his music career. However, he managed to pull himself out of his drug and alcohol abuse as early as the mid-1980s. In fact, Cooper has continued to help and counsel other rock musicians with addiction problems over the years.

His plausible works for overcoming his own addiction as well as helping many others in terms of the recovery process for years were recognized in 2008. The rocker received the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award at the fourth annual MusiCares MAP Fund benefit concert in Los Angeles.

While dealing with his own substance abuse, the Godfather of Shock Rock was also trying to balance his identity as the rock star we all know, and the real person who goes with his day without being the extravagant musician. As revealed by himself during a recent interview, things weren’t easy.

When addiction was involved, Alice Cooper lived in chaos for a while when it comes to his identity. According to Cooper, he began separating the two lives he was living once he got sober as opposed to the vague line under the influence. Moreover, he learned how to turn his stage persona on and off after starting his new life without addictions.

According to Louder Sound, Cooper said:

“So I was living in that chaos for quite a while. When I got sober I could separate the two; I could be talking about a movie when the curtain goes up, and in the time I turn from left to right I become Alice. It’s a different posture, brain, look, everything.

When the curtain comes back down and the audience isn’t there anymore, I’ll go right back into talking about the movie as myself. I can turn the character on and off. That’s something I had to learn to do.”

There’s no doubt that substance addiction can affect people’s perceptions of themselves. In Alice Cooper’s case, it appears that he had a harder time finding a balance between putting on and taking off his rocker suit. Fortunately for him, the musician had a relatively early recovery journey which allowed him to help countless others including himself.