Alice Cooper Shares His Opinions About Nita Strauss While Revealing Their Plans For New Records

The founder and the lead vocalist of his self-titled band, Alice Cooper opened up about his touring guitarist Nita Strauss during an interview with Radioactive Mike and revealed that he’s planning on making a new record with Strauss in it since she’s never been in a record.

As many of you know, Nita Strauss started to work with Alice Cooper as his touring guitarist replacing the previous guitarist Orianthi in 2014. Since then, Strauss has been touring with Alice Cooper’s band along with drummer Glen Sobel, guitarist Ryan Roxie, guitarist Tommy Henriksen, and bassist Chuck Garric.

Despite performing with Alice Cooper’s band for 7 years, Nita Strauss has not been in a record yet, therefore, Alice Cooper was asked during a recent interview that if they are planning on making a new record including Struss‘ guitar playing.

Alice Cooper revealed that he cannot wait to include Nita Strauss on a record, and they are definitely planning on making such a recording happen in addition to praising every single member of his band along with Nita Strauss, stating that each one of them is the best at what they do.

Here is what Cooper said:

Nita is a killer guitar player – I can’t wait to get her on record. There are all kinds of plans for recording. That’s going to be happening.

My touring band is probably the best touring band out there, I mean, Glen Sobel is voted the best drummer in rock, Nita was voted the guitarist of the decade, Ryan Roxie is as good as he’s ever been, if not better. That band, I wouldn’t trade that band for anybody.”

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