Alice Cooper Says He Thought Everyone Was Dead While Sharing His Worst Memory Of Using Drugs

In an interview with The SDR Show, Alice Cooper shared the story of his worst experience with drugs which made him think that everybody is dead and he was the only survivor in the world.

The legendary musician Alice Cooper has been conducting iconic shows around the world for the last 50 years since he found one of the most influential bands of all time back in 1964 along with Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, and Neal Smith. Most recently, Cooper released his 21st solo album titled ‘Detroit Stories’ on February 26, 2021.

Recently, during a conversation with The SDR Show, Alice answered questions about his experiences with drugs and revealed the worst moment he had due to the crystal THC he used. Apparently, Cooper used crystal THC one time in Detroit during a cold winter. He said he woke around four in the morning and walked outside the house only in his t-shirts even though it was about 20 degrees below. He mentioned that he really believed that everyone was dead and he was the only survivor since he was still under the influence of drugs.

Cooper also talked about his very first experience with drugs which was with Jimi Hendrix. Seemingly, Alice was invited to join Hendrix and his friends at their hotel room to hang out. While they were hanging out in the hotel room, Jimi passed Alice the joint, which was the first drug he had ever used.

Here is what Alice Cooper stated about his worst experience with drugs:

“It was Detroit, and I think it was crystal THC. It was, like, four in the morning. I regained consciousness. And I thought it a Jim Jones thing. And I got up. I remember it was about 20 degrees below outside. And I walked outside just in my shirt on, just to wake up. And when I came back in, everybody was just kind of coming up. It was weird; it was like a Fellini thing. It was so strange that I really did believe that everybody was dead, and I was the only one that survived it.”

Cooper also opened up about the first time he used drugs which included Jimi Hendrix:

“Weed was the first drug, and it was with Jimi Hendrix. I’m sitting there after the show. I went to see them. And we were just a little high school band. But they said, ‘Hey, come on up to the hotel room.’ And we were sitting on his bed, and Jimi goes, ‘Here, man,’ and he passed me the joint. And I went, ‘Okay.’ And then he goes and puts a quarter in the bed — you know, the vibrating bed. There were, like, eight people sitting on the bed. And he goes, ‘We’re on a spaceship.’ And I went, ‘Okay.'”

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