Alice Cooper Explains How His ‘Punk Anthem’ Song Achieved To Fit Right In Among The Beatles And Led Zeppelin

Musician and filmmaker Alice Cooper talked about his legendary ‘I’m Eighteen’ song during a recent appearance on 95.5 Klos.

As you might already know, I’m Eighteen released as a single of ‘Love It To The Death’ album back in 1970, and it was the first song that Alice Cooper managed to reach the top 40 in the charts.

In the conversation, Alice showed how hard it is to reach the top of the charts by saying that if you were in the top 40, you were up against legendary bands like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and many more.

However, Alice manages to challenge these bands with his punk anthem, I’m Eighteen, and pointed out that this was the perfect song to fit in. Also, Alice said that he knew this song is the future for the music industry.

Here is what Alice Cooper said:

“You have to remember, back then if you got in the Top 40, you were up against The Beatles, Led Zeppelin – everybody.

It was really hard to get a song in that slot because the slots were all taken – Motown, you know, you were up against Simon & Garfunkel, all these guys, and then here comes this song ‘I’m Eighteen,’ which is kind of like a punk anthem.

And it seemed to fit right in. This was what was going to happen sooner or later, and she was the one. I listened to it, and, ‘Oh yeah, this is the future.’ So we got that play, and then the song became a hit after that.”

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