Alice Cooper Addresses Gene Simmons’ Financial Advices


During a recent episode of his radio show, Nights with Alice Cooper, the rocker targeted Gene Simmons and said that the bassist cannot give bad financial advice while his stage persona is ‘The Demon.’

The newly popular Cryptocurrencies allow investors to manage their currencies without relying on any central authority such as a government or bank. The system uses cryptographic techniques that enable people to securely buy, sell, or trade goods. It uses a technology known as the blockchain, which controls the records of transactions and who owns what.

Cryptocurrency started to become a dominant form in the market in recent years. KISS’ Gene Simmons is also an avid follower of the latest financial trends. The bassist recently revealed that he owns fourteen different cryptocurrencies and has not sold them since the crypto market downturn. Although Simmons did not explain which cryptocurrencies he owns, it looks like he’ll keep investing in these digital assets.

During his radio show, Alice Cooper shared his thoughts on Gene Simmons’ massive interest in cryptocurrencies. The rocker referred to the recent crypto crash and the sudden drop in wealth. Despite the fall, he has no idea why Gene Simmons prefers not to sell his several different cryptocurrencies, yet he still counts on his views on financial issues. Cooper stated that he doesn’t believe the bassist can give bad financial advice, while his stage persona is ‘The Demon.’

Alice Cooper speaking on Gene Simmons’ ideas on the future of his cryptocurrencies:

“Gene Simmons has been vocal lately about his interest in cryptocurrencies. He owns fourteen different cryptocurrencies and has no plan to sell them any time soon, even though there is a gigantic crash going on. People are jumping off buildings now that all their money and bitcoins are gone. Anyway, if you’re getting your financial advice from Gene Simmons, tell me why. How can a character called ‘The Demon’ give you bad advice on your finances?”

Gene Simmons seems to be not disturbed by the ongoing chaos in the crypto space. He doesn’t plan to sell his cryptocurrencies any time soon. Time will tell if it was the right move or not due to the changing state of the market.