Alex Van Halen’s Pivotal Role In Establishing Van Halen’s Reputation, Gary Putnam Recalls

Gary Putnam, a close friend of the Van Halen brothers, recently spoke to Final Resonance TV and recalled how Alex Van Halen was a pivotal part of Van Halen’s early fame.

The guitarist first recalled how he’d first met Alex and Eddie Van Halen while also mentioning how early fans complimented the brothers’ take on music and talent:

“I can’t remember now [where I first met them]. You just go to the parties and [be] like, ‘This is a hot band!’ So, that’s how I must have seen them. The people would say [things] like, ‘We’re gonna see this band because the guitar player is unbelievable.'”

Putnam then emphasized how people also praised Alex’s drumming along with Eddie’s guitar skills:

“They would also say, ‘You should see the f*cking drummer because he’s got the double kick. He’s not your normal sort of ‘Mustang Sally’ type of drummer.'”

He then answered the host’s question about how he got introduced to the Van Halen brothers:

“So, to answer your question, the introduction to them was sort of sold to us as ‘not just the guitar player [is great] but the drummer… It’s the best drummer you’ve ever seen…’ They were right.”

Putnam continued, recalling further how the band’s then-performance went:

“I think I remember the drums because he [Alex] did ‘Toad’ and they would do extending, and it must’ve been Eddie singing because there was no frontman.”

If you wish to watch the full interview, you can view it below.