Alex Skolnick Mocks Ted Nugent After He Announced He’s Tested Positive For COVID-19

Testament’s lead guitarist Alex Skolnick shared a tweet on his Twitter account to show his reaction to the news that Ted Nugent tested positive for COVID-19, yet he seemed to find this quite ironic considering Ted’s previous claims about the ‘Chinese virus.’

As you may know, the rock veteran Ted Nugent has been one of the people who don’t believe the coronavirus really existed. Therefore, he has been denying to follow the necessary precautions suggested by the authorities, such as wearing a mask in public. Ted has often taken his Facebook account to criticize the officials for lying about the numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths related to the virus, especially in the United States.

Unfortunately, a couple of days ago, Nugent confirmed that he was also tested positive for COVID-19 after he experienced severe symptoms which he initially thought was the flu. Following the news about Ted’s diagnosis, many artists, who have been warning their fans to be careful about the virus and follow the regulations, have taken their social media accounts to criticize and even mock the 72-year-old rock musician, who also refused to get the vaccine.

Recently on Twitter, Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick posted a tweet to share his opinions about Nugent’s announcement about his COVID diagnosis. In his tweet, Alex shared two different headlines from two different statements Ted had made to show ‘how it started’ and ‘how it’s going’ now. The first headline showed Nugent’s opinions about the coronavirus vaccine which he described as ‘bullshit‘ while cursing people who got it. The second headline, on the other hand, showed how severe Ted’s symptoms were since he ‘thought he was dying.’

Here is how Alex Skolnick mocked Ted Nugent following his announcement about his COVID-19 diagnosis:

“How it started:

Ted Nugent: ‘F- you and your bulls- vaccine’

How it’s going:

Ted Nugent tests positive for COVID-19: ‘I thought I was dying‘”

You can see the tweet Alex Skolnick posted on his Twitter account below.