Alex Skolnick Defends Dolly Parton: ‘She’s National Treasure’

In a series of tweets, Alex Skolnick supported Dolly Parton against The Federalist’s recent article on her.

The article criticized Parton’s avoidance of not talking about certain matters like homosexuality and discussed it causes her more harm than good. Skolnick saw it and wrote in his reply:

“Attacking National Treasure, Dolly Parton? It’s an expression, (obviously didn’t just start) but as the saying goes: NOW you’re starting to piss me off.”

Skolnick Doesn’t Understand Being Anti-Dolly

A user responded to the guitarist’s tweet, writing:

“Dolly has worked hard to reduce the dropout rate in her home county, created a sanctuary for Bald Eagles who could not be released back into the wild, created the Imagination Library to encourage reading & education, tells you things straight with a smile. Don’t mess with Dolly.”

Alex agreed with the user, further saying:

“Seriously. It’s ok not to be a listener (to each their own musical tastes), but to be anti-Dolly as a human can only mean one is a truly a pathetic a—hole, no way around it (pun not intended).”

Other Comments On Parton

Most of the people in the comment section show that they share the same opinion with Skolnick. One of them wrote:

“As a native Tennessean, Dolly is more precious than gold. She’s a genuinely great person (not good, GREAT). She’s one of the most kindhearted and giving people you’ll ever meet. Period.”

Another one also defended Dolly:

“Oh hell no. You don’t get to go after that woman. That woman is the epitome of what a true Christian should live like. Her charitable endeavors like the Imagination Library, the fact that she pays for the education of any Dollywood employee (even part-time employees), etc etc.”

Many Parton fans stood up for her after seeing the article. They criticized The Federalist and told conservatives not to bother challenging her. They pointed out how influential she is, and attacking her won’t work.

You can see all the tweets below.