Alan Clark On Being The Only Musician That Left Eric Clapton’s Band

Eric Clapton’s long career has somewhat repeated itself. The guitarist forms a band or joins it, plays with them for a good while, and then leaves to look for the next good thing. However, it seems like one musician left Eric’s band before he could move on. Dire Straits’ Alan Clark recalled why he departed Clapton’s band while chatting with the VintageRock podcast.

Clark had toured and worked with Eric in the late ’80s as the pair clicked and started enjoying jamming together shortly after being introduced. However, when an opportunity to rejoin Dire Straits presented itself, Alan decided to grab the chance and terminate his career with Clapton.

“I’m the only person, probably, who’s ever worked in Eric’s band who actually left his band,” noted Clark as he mentioned how Eric would work with bands and later carry on. “Occasionally, Eric disbands bands. He has a band for a while, and he sort of moves on.”

He continued by mentioning the guitarist’s current solo act, “I think it’s kind of settled now into a band. Unfortunately, he hasn’t included me. Yeah, I had to leave to rejoin Dire Straits and co-produce the ‘On Every Street’ record.”

The keyboardist had the chance to collaborate with Eric Clapton, but his work with Dire Straits perhaps meant much more to him as he recorded another album with his band. However, in the same interview, Alan Clark admitted that working with Clapton was the best time of his career, even though he eventually became the first person to depart the rocker’s band.