Al Jourgensen Once Confronted Steven Spielberg For Ruining Kubrick’s Adult Movie

In a new interview with Metal Hammer, Ministry’s Al Jourgensen talked about how he confronted Steven Speilberg for ruining an adult movie.

The frontman was asked about the accuracy of his appearance in the movie ‘A.I.’ He confirmed that he appeared in the movie and how it turned out to be when Speilberg took over after Stanley Kubrick’s death:

“Well, Steven Spielberg bought the rights, so he inherited me. The original script I got from Kubrick, it was all about male prostitutes and a sleazy section of town, like Blade Runner. Spielberg takes it over and the whole focus of this thing is this f*cking kid and this teddy bear. So, we’re on set for three days and they lined us up to meet him. He gets to me and I’m just like, ‘Steve, baby, this is bullshit. Stanley told me this is going to be a porno movie and ‘A.I.’ stood for Anal Intruder!’ And he freaked out.”

Spielberg Didn’t Like Jourgensen At First

When Ministry was approached to be part of ‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence’ by Kubrick, Jourgensen thought it was a joke. It seemed unlikely to him that mainstream Hollywood and avant-garde experimentation would go hand in hand. However, it wasn’t a prank. Kubrick was actually a fan of the band. Unfortunately, all Ministry received from him was an early version of the script, as Kubrick passed away during the early stages of the film’s production.

By that time, Spielberg had already taken over as the film’s director to honor Kubrick’s vision. Kubrick’s admiration for the band wasn’t similar to Speilberg though. In fact, the director thought they were ‘satanic goat herders.’ Jourgensen told MTV at the time:

“He thought we’d be baby-eating, satanic goat herders or something. And we thought he’d be some puppet master of ‘E.T.’ From uncommon ground, we found out we’re pretty much the same folk.”

These memories eventually formed Speilberg and Jourgensen’s friendship.