Al Jourgensen Confirms Dave Navarro Wanted To Buy His Amputated Toe For $20K

During a recent video call with The Guardian, Al Jourgensen disclosed that guitarist Dave Navarro had expressed a desire to purchase Jourgensen’s amputated toe for $20,000.

The Ministry frontman’s life has been marred by substance abuse, leading to several life-threatening situations, including the need to amputate his toe due to gangrene from stepping on a hypodermic needle. It was during this time that Navarro, and his peculiar interest in collecting curiosities, offered to buy the amputated toe, as Al recalled:

“A buddy of mine, Dave Navarro [guitarist of Jane’s Addiction], offered me $20,000 for the toe. He’s always waiting for body parts to fall off because he collects curios. I had to inform him that [my doctors] wouldn’t give me my toe back.”

From Despair To Rehabilitation

Jourgensen’s journey through addiction is a tale of disaster and debauchery. Having been the force behind Ministry for over four decades, his struggles with drugs and alcohol have been well-documented. The singer faced near-death experiences, including two overdoses and an exploding stomach ulcer in 2010 that stopped his heart.

His path to sobriety began in 2014 when he entered rehab for alcoholism after having quit crack cocaine and heroin independently. In a 2019 chat with Metal Hammer, the musician said:

“I was sleeping on some heroin dealer’s couch, clinging onto the one last guitar that I hadn’t pawned yet, and I got this spider bite. The doctor wanted to take my f*cking arm off, so I looked at him and said, ‘Look, motherf*cker, I don’t play drums for Def Leppard; I need this f*cking arm.’ I was at death’s door: I’d owned a 13-room compound, and now I had a $500 a day habit; I’d gone through all my savings and pawned off all but one of my guitars. I’d hit rock bottom. A light bulb went on over my head, and it all made sense: sh*t now or get off the pot.”

Ministry’s Final Chapter And Legacy

In the interview, Al also shared insights into Ministry’s future. Despite previous claims of retirement and ending tours, he clarified that the band’s decision to conclude their journey comes from a place of health and accomplishment. With a stable lineup for the past decade and the success of their new album, ‘Hopiumforthemasses,’ Ministry feels ready to wrap up their musical legacy on a high note.

The band is currently preparing for a U.S. tour, revisiting their debut album ‘With Sympathy,’ which they initially disavowed. Plans to re-record some tracks to align more closely with Ministry’s recognized aggressive tone are also underway.