Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Contributes To Hollywood Vampires Bandmate Johnny Depp’s Latest Movie

Aerosmith co-founder and lead guitarist, Joe Perry shared a video of himself on Instagram while playing the music he produced for the film, ‘City of Lies,’ which was starred by his Hollywood Vampires bandmate, Johnny Depp.

As you may know, The Hollywood Vampires is a supergroup which was founded by Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Johnny Depp in 2015. The band has released two albums entitled ‘Hollywood Vampires’ and ‘Rise’ so far. The band members’ longtime fans appreciated their new project a lot and started to wait for the upcoming album of the band. The band announced that they will start working on it when Depp’s schedule is available for it.

Recently, Aerosmith legend, Joe Perry revealed that he played the guitar for the soundtrack of ‘City of Lies’ starring Johnny Depp. The movie tells the story of the investigations of murdering rappers Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. It was originally scheduled to release in 2018 but then it was released on March 19, 2021. The Blu-ray and DVD versions will also be out on June 8th.

In the caption of his video, Joe Perry mentioned that he contributed to the film’s songs which are ’11th and Albany,’ ‘Big Come Up,’ ‘Lucidity,’ ‘DMack’s Ambitionz,’ ‘Party Is Over,’ and ‘Kick in the Door.’ Also, he showed his great support to Hollywood Vampires co-founder and bandmate, Johnny Depp in his latest movie and posted a video of himself from the recording process of the soundtrack on his Instagram account.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Joe Perry has contributed five songs to the Brad Furman – directed ‘City of Lies’ film. It was released earlier this year in theaters and Vod and starring Perry’s Hollywood Vampires bandmate Johnny Depp, City of Lies is due out on Blu-ray and Dvd June 8! Read more at:

Perry’s ‘City of Lies’ contributions include:

● ’11th and Albany’ by Joe Perry and Alberto Bof (Score)

● ‘Big Come Up’ by Alberto Bof, Hal Linton, Joe Perry, Roman Perry, Mike Zonshine (song)

● ‘Lucidity’ by Joe Perry and Alberto Bof (score)

● ‘DMack’s Ambitionz’ by Moghul Veyron & Joe Perry (score)

● ‘Party Is Over’ by Alberto Bof, Joe Perry (score)

● ‘Kick in the Door (Remix)’ by The Notorious B.I.G., remixed by Brad Furman and Alberto Bof, featuring Joe Perry and Colin Smith (additional vocals) (song).”

You can see the post below.