Machine Gun Kelly Replaced Nickelback As The World’s Most Hated Musician, Mike Kroeger Says

Nickelback guitarist Mike Kroeger believes Nickelback is no longer the most hated artist in the world.

Kroeger was asked a few questions about his music career in NME‘s series ‘Does Rock ‘N’ Roll Kill Braincells?!’ One of these questions involved the hate the band received over the years. The question was based on Corey Taylor’s comment about another band that replaced Nickelback as the most hated band.

Kroeger answered the question with ‘Imagine Dragons,’ and he was correct. He then said MGK replaced Imagine Dragons:

“As an addendum, I believe that, sadly, Machine Gun Kelly has now had the crown fall on his head because he’s getting pilloried by the media and it’s terrible. It never ceases to amaze me how little people have to do to bring the hammer of public vitriol down on them. I’ve no idea what he’s done, but I guess he’s winning!”

Why MGK Has Been Receiving Hate

The rapper has been receiving hate from both other musicians and their fans for several reasons.

MGK’s collaboration with Schecter was one of them. The musician released a custom guitar in the shape of a razor blade. The guitar and the musician’s design of choice received criticism. Some people stated that he was glorifying self-harm, and others said that it did not look good at all. Static Dress’ Olli Appleyard was one of the musicians who did not like it.

MGK also received hate for his most recent tattoo. The tattoo covers his entire upper chest and most of his arms.

The rapper explained that it was for ‘spiritual purposes only,’ but he still received hate. Many people wrote that he wanted to be black, and that’s why he got the tattoo in the first place.

MGK also receives hate for the sudden change in his music. The musician switched his main genre from rap to rock and has been involved in the genre ever since. This did not stop people from making negative comments about his music and his style.

You can see some of the hate posts below.