Adam Lambert Works On New Concept Album And Gives The Possible Release Date

Queen + Adam Lambert lead vocalist Adam Lambert recently shared a video and announced that he has started composing and producing a new concept album on his official Instagram account. After his recent announcement about its release date, the fans got so excited that they started counting the days.

As you might know, Adam Lambert released his latest fourth studio album entitled ‘Velvet’ on March 20, 2020. The album was described as a combination of disco and glam rock and received very positive reviews from critics and fans. Lambert was going to start performing in April 2020 to promote the record, but it was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

In addition, a short time ago, Lambert revealed that he started working on a new Broadway-style rock and roll musical, which will be set in the ’70s. According to Lambert, the upcoming musical will reflect a person who wants to experience new things about acting and creating music. However, he didn’t give any further details about the new concept album.

In his recent Instagram video, Lambert stated that he is currently focusing on his concept album, which is a musical. He highlighted that the upcoming album’s writing and composing process is going slower than his previous projects. Therefore, the album probably will be ready to be released in 2022, and his fans wrote very positive and supportive comments about this announcement in the comments section.

Lambert’s post read:

“Livestream announcement.”

In Lambert’s words, he said:

“I have been working on a new album for sure. It’s a slower process because it’s a concept album. It’s a musical. So, it will be coming out probably next year. Stay tuned!”

Therefore it seems like Adam Lambert’s upcoming concept album will drop in 2022, but the positive aspect is that he will probably start updating his fans about the album more regularly.