Adam Lambert: ‘Queen And I Are Not Done’

Adam Lambert recently joined Kyle Meredith to discuss his upcoming career plans, what the future holds for him, and how he was not done with working with Queen without giving much away.

Since Lambert and the rock icons collaborated for the first time in 2009, it seemed that the singer’s career diverted into two paths: He took the honorable duty of carrying on Freddie Mercury‘s legacy while steadily building an independent career of his own. However, with his solo plans currently making most of his schedule, Meredith wanted to ask if anything was on the horizon for a future reunion with Queen.

Adam then firmly stated that he was far away from being done working with the band, though the singer was careful not to reveal much about what was awaiting Queen fans as he continued discussing his solo career. Lambert disclosed that he had plans to tour to promote his latest record, ‘High Drama,’ and had scheduled appearances for numerous TV performances worldwide.

The vocalist on what the future held for him and whether he would continue performing with Queen:

“I mean, Queen and I are not done. So, watch this space. There’s more coming; I think… and then for ‘High Drama,’ I’m gonna be traveling around a bit for the next month or so, you know, appearances to support it [the tour].

I have some TV performances all around the world, and I’ll be in the U.K. and Europe, and Australia, and here back in the States. We have some shows scattered around that we’ll be announcing; we just announced one in Finland, which is exciting. I’m doing my thing.”

So, if you’re a Queen fan wondering if the band’s collaboration with Lambert will continue, then good news for you! It appears that the duo has plans together in the future as Adam is on a mission to honor Mercury’s legacy and bring Queen’s iconic discography back to life for the fans by performing alongside the bands’ iconic names.