Vinny Appice Explains Why Black Sabbath Stopped Playing Ozzy Osbourne Songs

Black Sabbath drummer Vinny Appice spoke in a recent interview with Izzy Presley and revealed why they didn’t play the songs from the Ozzy Osbourne era.

As you might remember, Black Sabbath kicked Ozzy Osbourne after having lots of conflicts in the band in 1979, and he was replaced by Rainbow singer Ronnie James Dio.

In the conversation, Vinny revealed that Dio hated to sing the songs from the Ozzy Osbourne era and mentioned that he had to see lots of Ozzy signs during the live shows.

Furthermore, Vinny said that Dio hated to sing legendary songs such as ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Sweet Leaf,’ and pointed out that this was the reason why they formed Heaven & Hell.

Here is what Vinny Appice said:

“Ronnie had to put up with people in the front, like, ‘Where’s Ozzy?’ signs and all this ‘Where’s Ozzy?’ stuff.

He had to do that. And he hated singing those songs. He hated singing ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Sweet Leaf’ and the Ozzy songs.

That’s why eventually Heaven and Hell years later, we didn’t play the old stuff anymore.”

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