Adam Lambert Feels Guilty About Releasing His Latest Album ‘Velvet’


In an interview for Gay Times, Queen + Adam Lambert’s touring member Adam Lambert has explained his feelings about releasing a new album during the lockdown caused by the pandemic and shared his thoughts on the past year’s conditions.

Similar to what happened to many musicians during the pandemic, Adam Lambert also had difficulties since all the tours of his Queen collaboration and his solo concerts were postponed. He previously announced that his Velvet tour was sadly canceled due to COVID on June 17, 2020, and he could not reschedule it as he had other commitments rescheduled.

Queen + Adam Lambert had also canceled their scheduled concert in Paris on May 26, 2020, because of the restrictions by the French Ministry of Health. They heartbrokenly announced that their Rhapsody UK tour has been rescheduled twice too, as last summer it was rescheduled to May-July 2021, and then the tour was rescheduled again to 2022.

In the interview by Gay Times, Adam has commented on the past year’s circumstances concerning the pandemic. He said that he thinks the pandemic is terrifying and tragic since it financially hurts people and hits employment as well. Lambert added that he thought it forced everyone to slow down and set their priorities better.

After he was asked how he dealt with his fourth album ‘Velvet’ being released just as the lockdown has started, Adam stated that he planned to promote the album and to start a following tour. He also mourned the loss of the project as all of his plans blew up. Lamber then confessed he felt guilty and bad about it as it is not that much important considering the other health-related things. The young musician added that he got over that feeling and decided to move forward, so he started working on a new project.

Here’s what Adam Lambert stated:

“It was a bit of a bummer! I had a lot of plans to promote the album and had a tour planned. Everything got shut down and I had to mourn the loss of the project. At the same time, I realized that that was nowhere near as important as people’s health.

I felt a little guilty even feeling bad about it because obviously, it’s not important in the grand scheme of things. The shock of it took me a minute, but then I got over it and just decided to keep moving forward and keep being creative. So I started working on a new project.

Because of these postponements and restrictions, the singer is known to have performed virtual concerts instead of live performances. As the restrictions have been eased, Adam has started to perform live as well. He is known to be performing a much-awaited five-show limited engagement this October at Venetian Theater.