Adam Lambert Channels Robert Plant To Make Lana Del Rey’s Hit A Rock One

Adam Lambert has covered many songs throughout his career, one of which is Lana Del Rey‘s ‘West Coast.’ In an interview with Rolling Stone Germany, the Queen vocalist explained how he approached the track, using Robert Plant‘s style as his inspiration to turn the bluesy original into a rock song.

The vocalist shared that for every one of his covers, he extensively researches all of the versions of the track to get a feel of what everyone has done with it. Then he tries to add his ideas and unique touches to make it an Adam Lambert track.

For ‘West Coast’ since the original was a more bluesy track, Lambert decided to make it heavy by adding electric guitars and almost making it sound like a Led Zeppelin track and taking the route of Plant’s style as his inspiration which ended up being the final version.

Adam Lambert’s words about implementing Robert Plant’s style to his cover of Lana Del Rey:

“Whenever I do a cover, I try to go on, you know, streaming and look at as many different versions of it as I can just to get ideas and hear possibilities. I think all of it probably influenced me, but I definitely came up with a lot of my ideas as well, which was exciting.”

“For example, ‘West Coast’ by Lana Del Rey; I heard that song; it’s my favorite Lana Del Rey song, and I was listening to how bluesy it was. I thought, well, you can take a blues song and then add like a lot of electric guitars to it and play it really heavy, and it becomes sort of like Led Zeppelin, you know, and that was sort of the directive that I had for that song I was like let’s make it a Robert Plant style version of the song.

Doing covers is more of a challenge in making other musicians’ tracks work for you where people listen to it and, if they have never heard the original assume it’s their song. It’s a different skill level, and Lambert, who has covered multiple tracks in his career, applies various methods to every piece. For ‘West Coast,’ Robert Plant’s style proved to be the perfect inspiration to make the song his own.