Ace Frehley Skeptical About KISS Retirement: ‘I Don’t Believe It’s Gonna Happen’

On the heels of his newest solo album release, ‘10,000 Volts,’ which hit the shelves on February 23, Ace Frehley recently spoke to Billboard and made a declaration: ‘I’m the only game in town.’

The former Kiss guitarist’s comment hints at the supposed retirement of his previous band, KISS, from touring, which Frehley views with a healthy dose of skepticism:

“I’m the only game in town because KISS is supposedly retired — which I don’t believe is gonna happen. But be that as it may… I actually added two more KISS songs to my set. We added ‘Shout It Out Loud’ and ‘Rock and Roll All Nite’ because talking to people, they go… you gotta do those songs live — and I did and it went over fantastic. We ended the night with three KISS songs: ‘Shout It Out Loud,’ ‘Deuce’ and ‘Rock and Roll All Nite,’ and everybody was singing along and it was great.”

He then noted that he played guitar on those KISS tracks, so that’s a good enough reason for him to play them:

“As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t even matter who wrote the song. I played the guitar solos on those records, and that’s good enough for me.”

Frehley’s Current Relationship With KISS

Despite his former band’s farewell, Frehley’s relationship with KISS remains complex. He expressed mixed feelings about KISS’s retirement and their upcoming avatar performances, a concept set to roll out in 2025.

In another interview, Frehley also opened up about his departures from KISS, attributing them to a loss of enjoyment and a shift in the band’s internal dynamics post-Peter Criss’s departure:

“When Peter was in the band, it was a democratic group. And I didn’t even realize it, but when Peter left, I realized I had lost all my power in the band because pretty much Paul and Gene are workaholics and like to do things their way. So, if I don’t like the way something is happening, I get outvoted.”

He criticized the band’s decision to release ‘The Elder’ in 1981, which he foresaw as a misstep. Despite these, Frehley noted that his relationship with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley is not as strained as often portrayed.

Everything We Know About ‘10,000’ Volts

Frehley has not slowed down in his musical endeavors, even at the age of 72. ‘10,000 Volts’ marks his first album of original material since ‘Spaceman’ in 2018.

The album’s creation was a collaborative effort with Steve Brown of Trixter, whom Frehley praised for their seamless work together. The two musicians shared responsibilities for most of the album’s instrumentation, with contributions from a select group of drummers and musicians.

‘10,000 Volts’ features a mix of Frehley’s writing and production.

Looking ahead, Frehley is not resting on his laurels. He is already planning a third ‘Origins’ volume, aiming for a 2025 release, with Steve Brown once again collaborating. This project will cover songs by artists who have influenced Frehley.