AC/DC’s Brian Johnson Recalls John Lennon’s Words On Bob Dylan

It is pretty hard to find any artist who has not been influenced by Bob Dylan in the rock and roll world, as the singer has somehow managed to receive the appreciation of everyone with his exceptional musical talent. During a recent conversation with BBC Radio 6’s Matt Everitt, AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson reflected on Dylan’s significant place in his musical taste.

“‘The Freewheelin’ was and still is one of my great favorites,” Johnson said, referring to his huge admiration for Dylan’s classic album, before sharing his only regret related to this record. “I’m guilty of not calling it out enough in case people thought I wasn’t rock and roll enough.”

Brian Johnson continued by recalling the Beatles icon’s comments on Dylan’s record while discussing how he thought others would view him if they heard that he liked Bob Dylan. He said, “People would say, ‘What is he doing liking Dylan?’ I’m ashamed of myself for that, I must admit, because Lennon said, ‘It was the stuff of greatness,’ that album. The instant you hear it, you like every song of it. It does not happen many times.”

Judging by his statements, it is pretty easy to understand how much Brian Johnson admires Bob Dylan as one of the greatest artists of all time. Especially 1963’s ‘The Freewheelin” album by Dylan has quite a special place in Johnson’s musical life, and the singer enjoys listening to each song on the now-classic album. However, it also seems like he wasn’t the only rock icon who was fascinated with the musician’s work since John Lennon also associated the record with greatness.