AC/DC Premieres New Music Video Of ‘Realize,’ And It’s As We Expected

AC/DC has recently released the official video of the song titled ‘Realize‘ from their new album, ‘Power Up,’ and the band once again preferred to use a footage of their performance in a fixed stage which won’t be a surprise for their fans considering most of their music videos since the begining of their career.

As you may recall, the legendary Australian rock band AC/DC released their latest album named ‘Power Up‘ in November 202o. The 17th album of the band featured Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, Cliff Williams, Angus Young, and Stevie Young, and managed to become the Number 1 Best Seller on Amazon within the first two days of its release.

Previously, Angus Young referred to the ‘Power Up’ album as a tribute to the band’s late rhythm guitarist and co-founder, Malcolm Young, who passed away due to dementia back in November 18, 2017.

A couple of days ago, the official Twitter account of AC/DC announced the release of new video for the album’s second single, ‘Realize,’ which would take place on January 13, 2021. As you can watch in the video below, the black and white music video displays all the members, Angus Young, Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, Cliff Williams, and Stevie Young, rocking out together.

Considering all the previous music videos released by AC/DC througout their long career, the video for ‘Realize’ doesn’t seem like a surprising one at all. Once again, all the members playing together in certain stage. However, apparently, the co-director of the video, Clemens Habicht had to find a way to create the video while the band members were in five different locations. They focused on each of the members’ individual performance and created adaptable visual to present a never-before-seen side of AC/DC.

Additionally, Angus Young shared his opinions on ‘Realize’ by recalling the time he and Malcolm Young worked on the song together. Angus stated that he was amazed by the intelligence of his brother since he was giving stron ideas one after another.

Here is what Angus Young said about Malcolm Young’s opinions on ‘Realize’:

“‘Realize’, I remember working with Mal, and we worked on that track. We spent a fair bit of time on it. It was another strong idea that he had. For me, I knew how much he really liked it. I remember when we originally were writing it, the effort that he put in and how he built it up. The thing is, I remember we had the music side of it together, how we wanted to do it.

And he gave me his hook idea, the chorus, When the gave me the verse idea, of how he wanted the lyric, he sang it to me roughly. And I heard it, and it stuck in my head all day. And I just kind of thought, how clever is he? He just comes up with something. It was one of those things where I kept repeating it and repeating it in my head.”

You can click here for the source and watch the new music video of AC/DC’s ‘Realize’ on Youtube below.