AC/DC And Metallica Are Identified By Their Vocalists, Ian Gillan Claims

The role of the frontperson in a band might seem the most essential since the vocalists carry the image of an act most of the time. Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan also commented on this matter while chatting with Rock FM and argued how AC/DC, Metallica, and other cult bands stand out with their vocalists.

Even though we might say that each member of an act is as important as the other, Gillan believed that some of the most well-known bands were identified by their singers as each vocalist had their unique voice and style. Ian emphasized this while discussing his works with Deep Purple and the album ‘Turning to Crime,’ which other artists have covered a lot.

“They are good songs, and many people performed them. So, it is just a question of interpretation,” stated Ian as he mentioned his tracks with Deep Purple. He then pointed out how the vocalists were the most important figures in the bands. He said, “When you deal with AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Metallica, and Black Sabbath, these guys are identified by the individuals in the band, by the singers. You can hear it. If I sing Ronnie James Dio’s songs, it doesn’t sound right. It just doesn’t sound right.”

Even though the frontman marked that various vocalists had established and fronted their band’s images, we might argue that this isn’t exactly the case for every act. Jimmy Page, for instance, is as appreciated as Robert Plant for his guitar mastery, or KISS bassist Gene Simmons is the face of the band alongside Paul Stanley.

Ian pointed out that even if the other band members might be talented as well, vocalists carry a unique presence in an act that makes their voices identifiable with those of their band. After all, various artists might cover Ronnie James Dio, but no one could sing the way he did.