Justin Hawkins Recalls Gary Jules Beating The Darkness On Charts

Chart success is important in a musician’s career, and artists aim to get their songs at least in the top 10. As it’s Christmas time, Justin Hawkins recently recalled when the Darkness decided to make a Christmas song and got beaten by Gary Jules’ single in the 2003 charts.

“Got a phone call on Wednesday,” Justin Hawkins recalled in the recent episode of his Justin Hawkins Rides Again, “and it was ‘Justin Hawkins from the Darkness; guess what? Your Christmas single [Christmas Time] is number one in the midweek charts! Get on a plane, get back here, and do some ‘promos,” which is Greek for promo. So, I got on the plane, went back to England, and then did some begrudging interviews that were tinged with the bitterness of having to truncate a well-earned vacation.”

“I think because of that bitterness, Gary Jules’ single overtook us,” Hawkins explained why the Darkness fell behind Jules in the midweek charts. “Gary Jules’ single is a cover obviously of ‘Mad World’ by Tears for Fears. People often ask me, ‘What about that miserable song from 2003? You must be really annoyed with Gary Jules,’ and I’m definitely not! I think it’s an amazing song.”

Revealing he actually liked Gary Jules’ cover despite the chart rivalry, Hawkins continued, “I really love the Tears for Fears original; I thought his reduced interpretation of it was wonderful, really. And it’s from the Donnie Darko soundtrack. Of course, in those days, I had Donnie Darko on DVD. I watched it several times; I thought it was a brilliant movie. So, it’s impossible to be upset with him.”

So, the Darkness fell behind Gary Jules in the charts, although they were on the verge of being placed at number 1. However, this didn’t upset Justin Hawkins at all. As it seems, he blames his unwillingness to give interviews when he returned to England to celebrate the chart success of ‘Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End).’ Besides, Hawkins likes Gary Jules’ rendition of ‘Mad World,’ so settling for the number 2 position didn’t bother him.