5 Reasons Demi Lovato Can Be The Next Big Rock Star

Rock and roll has always been synonymous with rebellion, grit, and raw emotion. Visually, it conjures images of long hair, tattoos, leather jackets, and thunderous guitars. Sonically, it’s a fusion of powerful vocals, electrifying instrumentals, and hard-hitting drums that can’t help but make you want to headbang. It’s an ever-evolving genre that still manages to maintain its distinct identity.

Enter Demi Lovato, a former Disney star with a powerhouse voice and an unapologetic attitude. Her journey through fame has been tumultuous, but through it all, she has remained authentic and true to herself. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the reasons why Demi Lovato is poised to become the next big rock star.

1. She Was The Original Disney Rock Star

Demi Lovato’s Disney career set her apart from her contemporaries, as she starred in Camp Rock and released rock-infused hits like ‘Did You Forget’ and ‘Here We Go Again.’ While most Disney musicals were doing pop music, Demi was considered the original Disney rock star. This foundation in rock music makes her the perfect candidate for the next big rock star.

2. Lovato Survived Addiction

The rock and roll world is notorious for substance abuse, with many rock stars hitting rock bottom before they choose the path of healing. Demi has always been open about her struggles with drugs, alcohol, and self-harm. She advocates for mental health awareness and offers free therapy sessions at all her concerts. In 2017, the singer shared a YouTube documentary, ‘Simply Complicated,’ which highlights details of her hard past. Her resilience and openness about her journey show that she has the strength and vulnerability needed to excel in the rock scene.

3. She Is A Bad*ss Advocate Of Body Positivity

Like many rock stars who have criticized societal norms, Demi Lovato is an unapologetic advocate for body positivity. She has been a strong voice against unrealistic beauty standards and has been open about her own struggles with body image. Demi encourages her fans to embrace their bodies as they are and to challenge the harmful standards set by society. This rebellious spirit aligns perfectly with the essence of rock and roll.

4. She Was Never A Stiletto Girl

In 2008, Demi released the rock-influenced song ‘La La Land,’ in which she sings, ‘Who says I can’t wear my Converse with my dress, that’s just me.’ The song asserts her individuality and refusal to conform to expectations, marking her as a true rock spirit even at the beginning of her career.

According to The Standart, she elaborated on this sentiment, saying:

“One of the lines is, ‘Would you like me better if I was still her?’ I’m referring to a period of time in my life where I was this hyper-feminine pop star that everyone else wanted me to be. I was on stage in leotards and stilettos, and that’s never been comfortable to me. And so, ‘Eat Me’ was definitely a song where I was talking about how I’m tired of spoon-feeding myself to the public.”

By embracing her authentic self and shunning the pressure to fit into a mold, Demi has consistently shown that she isn’t afraid to break the rules and stand out from the crowd. This innate rebelliousness and desire to challenge norms are essential qualities for a rock star, further solidifying her potential in the genre.

5. Demi Returned To Her Rock Roots With ‘Holy Fvck’

With the release of her album ‘Holy Fvck,’ Demi Lovato held a metaphorical funeral for her pop career and fully embraced her rock roots. The album features a bold, edgy sound, drawing influences from various rock subgenres and showcasing Demi’s powerful vocals in a new light.

From heavy guitar riffs to anthemic choruses, ‘Holy Fvck’ is a testament to her commitment to evolving as an artist and breaking free from the confines of the pop world. The album has received praise for its raw, authentic energy, as well as Demi’s ability to convey deep emotions through her music, proving her prowess as a rock artist.

According to The Standart, she revealed the inspiration behind the funeral concept, stating:

“It wasn’t an actual funeral. But I was in a label meeting and we all happened to be wearing black and I was like, ‘This is perfect because I’m not playing pop music anymore. This is a rock album.”

Demi Lovato’s fearless embrace of her rock roots, vulnerability, and unapologetic advocacy for body positivity make her a force to be reckoned with in the rock music scene. She discusses her passion for the genre and her determination to make an impact in the world of rock. Demi’s past experiences, her powerful voice, and her rebellious spirit all point to her potential as the next big rock star.

Enter, Demi Lovato

With a foundation in rock music from her Disney days, a triumphant battle against addiction, and a genuine connection with her fans, Demi Lovato is a true embodiment of rock and roll. She has the attitude, talent, and grit to take the rock world by storm.

So, let’s raise a toast to the funeral of her pop career and welcome the rise of Demi Lovato, the rock star we never knew we needed but can’t wait to see soar. As her journey continues, we can only expect her to shatter expectations and redefine the boundaries of rock music, proving that she is, indeed, the next big rock star.