5 Best Nothing But Thieves Songs That Survived Getting Canceled

Nothing But Thieves, an alternative rock band hailing from the UK, have consistently impressed fans and critics alike with their incredible music and powerful vocals since their inception in 2012. However, the band faced a turbulent period in 2017 when they were accused of sexual assault allegations, which they denied repeatedly. Despite the gravity of the accusations, the band managed to weather the storm and continue with their career, largely due to the undeniable quality of their music.

It’s no secret that the world of entertainment can be unforgiving, and careers can be easily derailed. But in the case of Nothing But Thieves, their musical prowess and compelling lyrics have allowed them to maintain their fan base and remain a respected presence in the industry. Now let’s dive into the top 5 songs that have played a significant role in keeping them afloat amidst the controversies.

1. Amsterdam (2017)

‘Amsterdam,’ released in 2017 as the lead single from their second album, ‘Broken Machine,’ has been a fan favorite from the get-go. The powerful anthem, with its driving guitar riffs and anthemic chorus, showcases lead singer Conor Mason‘s extraordinary vocal range, making it impossible not to feel the raw energy and emotion that the band pours into their music.

The song’s success and popularity have played a role in keeping the band’s career intact, as it quickly climbed the charts and dominated alternative rock radio stations worldwide. ‘Amsterdam’ is a testament to Nothing But Thieves’ musical prowess and serves as a reminder of their ability to create unforgettable rock tunes that resonate with fans.

2. Is Everybody Going Crazy? (2020)

‘Is Everybody Going Crazy?’ is a standout track from Nothing But Thieves’ 2020 album, ‘Moral Panic.’ The song delves into the chaos and confusion that has gripped the world in recent times, encapsulating the collective anxiety that many have felt. With its infectious groove and thought-provoking lyrics, it’s no wonder the song has garnered widespread attention and appreciation.

This captivating track demonstrates the band’s ability to capture the zeitgeist and address relevant issues through their music. Fans and critics alike have praised ‘Is Everybody Going Crazy?’ for its timely message and powerful delivery, solidifying Nothing But Thieves’ status as a significant force in the world of alternative rock.

3. Trip Switch (2015)

‘Trip Switch,’ a single from Nothing But Thieves’ self-titled debut album, was released in 2015 and quickly gained traction as a catchy, radio-friendly hit. The song’s infectious melody, combined with Conor Mason’s dynamic vocal performance, makes it a memorable and entertaining listening experience.

The success of ‘Trip Switch’ helped to put Nothing But Thieves on the map and establish them as a band to watch in the alternative rock scene. As one of their earlier hits, the song has played a pivotal role in securing their fan base and maintaining their credibility as a band, despite the controversies they have faced.

4. Soda (2017)

Another gem from their 2017 album ‘Broken Machine,’ ‘Soda,’ is a melodic and introspective track that showcases the band’s softer side. The song’s thoughtful lyrics, coupled with the ethereal instrumentation, create an atmospheric listening experience that transports listeners to a different realm.

‘Soda’ has been praised by fans for its emotional depth and vulnerability, allowing listeners to connect with the band on a more personal level. This intimate connection fostered through songs like ‘Soda’ has been vital in keeping Nothing But Thieves’ fan base loyal and engaged, even in the face of adversity.

5. Moral Panic (2020)

The title track of their 2020 album, ‘Moral Panic,’ is a prime example of Nothing But Thieves’ ability to tackle pressing issues through their music. The song explores themes of misinformation, social media, and the turbulent state of society, highlighting the band’s commitment to using their platform to spark meaningful conversations.

With its compelling lyrics, striking instrumentals, and passionate vocals, ‘Moral Panic’ has resonated with fans and critics alike. The song’s thought-provoking nature and timely relevance have reinforced Nothing But Thieves’ standing as a band with substance, further solidifying their place in the alternative rock scene despite any controversy surrounding them.

Still In The Game

Despite facing significant challenges and the threat of cancellation, Nothing But Thieves have managed to rise above the controversy, thanks in large part to the exceptional quality of their music. These five songs, in particular, have played a crucial role in maintaining the band’s credibility, demonstrating their undeniable talent and the emotional connection they share with their fans. With their unique blend of powerful vocals, captivating lyrics, and unforgettable melodies, it’s no wonder that Nothing But Thieves have persevered their spot in the world of alternative rock.