ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons Recalls How He Broke Jimi Hendrix’s Rule


ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons recently attended an interview on SiriusXM’s YouTube channel and stated that he broke Jimi Hendrix’s rule of not using a guitar that seemed like it belongs to a surf book.

Gibbons is the guitarist and the lead vocalist of ZZ Top, and he has earned rightful achievements in his life for his talents. He took his place in Rolling Stone’s list of the greatest guitarist of all time in the 32nd place. With ZZ Top the guitarist also won three MTV Music Video Awards.

Before ZZ Top, Gibbons was in a band called The Moving Sidewalks with whom he recorded one studio album and a couple of singles. The band also opened up for the tours of some legendary bands, including The Doors and the rock icon Jimi Hendrix.

According to Gibbons, Hendrix had a rule that because the old Fender guitars look like they are straight out of a 60s ‘surf book,’ he doesn’t want to have their vibes in his music ever again. However, Gibbons stated that he broke Hendrix’s rule of using Fender guitars, used them in their music, and ‘turned the corner.’

Here is what he fully stated about breaking his rule:

“Certain instruments carry with them an undeniable and just a very perceptible personality. In this case, these old Fender guitars were straight out of the 60s surf book, if you will. Someone pointed it out, they said ‘gee-whiz, we remember when you were with The Moving Sidewalks just before ZZ Top was founded. You were traveling with Jimi Hendrix and wasn’t it on a Jimi Hendrix record?’ You hear him uttering ‘you shall never hear surf music again’ but we seem to bring it back a little bit. Jimi if you’re listening, we kind of turned the corner there.”

You can watch him confessing about Hendrix’s rule below.