Zakk Wylde Says If Jimi Hendrix Was The Jesus Christ, Eddie Van Halen Was The Second Coming

Zakk Wylde spoke to Heavy Consequence recently about Van Halen’s iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen and stated that he is ‘the second coming’ of Jimi Hendrix, whom he referred to as ‘Christ.’

Black Label Society’s founder and guitarist Zakk Wylde, who is also the lead guitarist of Ozzy Osbourne, is currently getting ready to release a new album for BLS and tour with Ozzy. Being busy after the pandemic halt, the guitarist spoke to Heavy Consequence to share his thoughts about the late legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

Eddie suffered several injuries and illnesses and was a cancer warrior. Unfortunately, he passed away in October 2020 from a stroke after going through throat cancer surgery and left his family, friends, and the rock scene heartbroken. Like his life, his death had a huge impact on the music world since many musicians lost their guitar hero.

Wylde was among these musicians who were in deep sorrow when he passed away. He mentioned Eddie in his last interview and compared him to another legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has described Jimi as the ‘greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music.’ Widely known for playing the guitar upside down, Jimi was also very influential, and he passed away at the age of 27.

During his recent conversation, Wylde reflected on the legacies that his guitar heroes have left behind. Zakk claimed that if Jimi is the ‘Jesus Christ‘ of guitar, Eddie Van Halen was definitely ‘the second coming.’

Here is what he stated about Eddie and Jimi:

“He changed the world. If this was a Catholic hierarchy, Eddie was the second coming of Christ. If Jimi [Hendrix] is the Jesus Christ of guitar, Eddie was the second coming.”

With his unique guitar skills, Jimi has inspired and fascinated many. He’s considered the first guitarist that pops into people’s minds when someone mentions rock and roll. Eddie was also an innovative figure like Jimi because he founded and developed the tapping technique and left behind some unforgettable riffs, like ‘Eruption.’