Zakk Wylde On How Dimebag Darrell Inspired By Andy Summers On ‘Floods’ Solo

Pantera guitarist sat down to have a chat with Sweetwater about his favorite riffs and solos. During the chat, he talked about not just his, but Dimebag Darrell’s inspirations too. In his words, Andy Summers was the guitarist who inspired the solo on the band’s hit, ‘Floods.’ He explained:

“Dime doing the Andy Summers chords all throughout that. It’s the Andy Summer chords. I think Dime was just like, ‘I’m gonna write a song around these chords,’ and he did. I could just see Dime learning ‘Message In A Bottle’ and going, ‘Man, these are cool chords, I’m gonna write something around it.’ It came out great. Every night when I got to end it I got choked up trying to play that.”

Wylde Tears Up During ‘Floods’

Pantera is paying tributes to their original members, Vinnie Paul and Dimebag by going on stage with the new lineup of the band. During their performances, ‘Floods’ makes Wylde tear up for one reason.

In a chat with Rock Feed, Wylde was asked if he remembered Vinnie Paul’s reaction when he showed the music video of his band’s song, ‘In This River.’ The song’s music video includes two children playing the roles of the youth of Dimebag Darrell and Wylde. The rocker responded:

“We all teared up especially when Vinnie saw it for the first time, like Vinnie was crying. Even when I see it on the screens every night, when I’m doing ‘Floods,’ I just gotta concentrate on what I’m doing instead of breaking down. It’s obviously a huge tribute spot to Dime and to Vinnie as well. Dime was really proud of that thing when he put it together, especially the outro thing. So that’s a big deal at the end. I get choked up everytime I play it.”

See the interview below.