Gene Simmons’ Daughter Sophie Reacts To The Women Ganging Up Against Each Other

KISS bassist Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons shared a post on her official Twitter page revealing her opinions about the famous reality show ‘The Bachelor’ by stating that it’s sad to see a show displays women ganging up on other women while there are much more important issues in the world.

As many of you know, ‘The Bachelor’ is a dating reality tv series that debuted on March 25, 2002, on ABC and became a worldwide phenomenon with its full of scheme plot which includes a single bachelor who is expected to choose a wife out of all the candidates by eliminating everybody until left with one-future-wife.

The show was so successful that it lasted 25 seasons and still keep going in addition to numerous other spin-off shows including, ‘The Bachelorette,’ ‘Bachelor Pad,’ and ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ The main reason why the franchise has been extremely thriving is because it’s always about drama combined with romance.

Since ‘The Bachelor’ has many scenes in which women rage, hate, feel jealousy against each other in a world everybody needs women supporting women, Sophie Simmons shared a post on her official Twitter page revealing her opinions about the recent episode by stating that she’s quite surprised to see weak, insecure, and mean women ganging up on other women contestants in the show.

Along with sharing her thoughts, Sophie Simmons also expressed her disappointment by reproaching ABC for airing such a show that conveys a totally wrong message to many other women and stated that she wants nobody to win for this season.

Here is what Sophie said:

“I’m so shocked how awful the women on #TheBachelor behaved towards heather. honestly petty, insecure, so so mean and uncalled for behavior. I hope no one wins. Bachelor ABC, I’m sad you chose to air and show women ganging up on women. disappointed all around.”

In addition to this, Sophie Simmons shared another tweet stating that while there are many current issues in the world that hold a much bigger place and need solutions, ABC added a show that’s supporting a cause should have been solved by now by airing ‘The Bachelor.’

Here is what she said:

“such bigger problems in this world right now but yea let’s add women ganging up against each other

You can see the Twitter posts below.