Anthrax’s Scott Ian Explains Why He Was ‘Crazy Jealous’ Of Metallica

Anthrax co-founder and rhythm guitarist, Scott Ian talked about the first time when he heard one of Metallica’s demos and why he felt jealous during an appearance on the second episode of Anthrax’s career retrospective web series, 40 for 40.

Metallica’s demo entitled ‘No Life ’til Leather’ was released in 1982.  The demo became one of the most legendary and popular demos of all time. Also, it was the only Metallica studio recording to feature Dave Mustaine on guitar. At the time of the release of ‘No Life ’til Leather,’ Anthrax was founded only one year ago so as Metallica.

At those times Anthrax was working on their new record to be able to make a deal. Throughout this process, the founder of Megaforce Records, John Zazula wanted to show his latest discovery to the members of Anthrax saying that it was amazing and mindblowing.

During the episode, Scott Ian recalled what he felt that moment while he was talking about the debut of ‘Fistful of Metal.’ He stated that he was super jealous of Metallica. When they were curious about this new band, Zazula said that he was going to make a deal with Metallica immediately. That’s why they also became more jealous and started to think about their deal.

Here’s what he told:

“Jonny was like, Scott, I got this thing, wait ’til you hear it, it’s going to blow your mind! I got this demo from this band, from San Francisco, they’re called Metallica… and he puts this fucking tape in, and it’s just like… hearing the guitars, the song arrangements, the tightness of the band… I was blown away, and I fucking loved it, and at the same time, I was crazy jealous.

Who are these guys? How old are they? He’s like, ‘They’re the same as you guys. Same age! Everything about it was better than where we were at as a band at that point and here’s Jonny, our guy, telling us, I’m bringing them to New York from San Francisco, and we’re gonna put them in the studio and make an album and get them a record deal!

It was, like, ‘What? What about us?”

You can watch the episode below.