Zakk Wylde Confirms Ozzy Osbourne’ll Have Another Surgery

Black Label Society’s Zakk Wylde shared his ideas about collaborating with several iconic musicians for Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne’s upcoming album during his recent interview with Metal Hammer. Also, the guitarist revealed details about Osbourne’s current health status.

Ozzy Osbourne released his twelfth studio album entitled ‘Ordinary Man’ on February 21, 2020. He collaborated with many artists such as Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith, Guns N’ Roses’ Slash and Duff McKagan, Elton John, Post Malone, Travis Scott, and many more on the album. Therefore, it’s not surprising that it received positive reviews from metalheads and critics and became popular worldwide.

Before and during the creation process of the record, Osbourne had to struggle with pneumonia, injuries caused by a fall, and lastly, Parkinson’s disease. However, no illness could stop Prince of Darkness, so Osbourne began working on his new album in a very short time. The untitled but recently finished record features Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Tony Iommi, Robert Trujillo, and Zakk Wylde, who’s very excited to work with them, but he still can’t believe it.

In his conversation, the famous guitarist gave details about the new album to the fans who have been waiting for it impatiently, saying that Osbourne’s vocal performances are remarkable, which they can witness after the release. Thus, Wylde probably wanted to highlight no one should be worried about his health condition. The musician added that Osbourne needed the last surgery in addition to physical therapy because of his ongoing problems before hitting the road.

Wylde stated in his interview that:

“Just to be playing on a record with Jeff Beck, Lord Iommi, and Eric Clapton – if you’d told me when I was 15 I’d be playing on a record with three of my heroes, I would have said, forget about it! Oz is singing great too, so hopefully, once he’s had this last surgery, we can glue him back together and get him out on the road doing what he loves. That’s the game plan right now.”

Osbourne will continue to create music and perform his live shows, which were full of unforgettable experiences for his fans. Even though the frontman has been battling various health problems, they are not strong enough to prevent him from making new music.