Yungblud To The Victims Of Sexual Assault, ‘Never Stay Silent’


Young musician Yungblud shared a post on his official Instagram page showing support for those who experienced sexual assault in the sexual assault awareness month stressing the importance of speaking up for yourself, consent, and education.

As many of you know, Sexual Assault Awareness Month is an annual campaign to raise public awareness about sexual assault and educate individuals on how to prevent sexual violence. It is often observed in April during which important topics such as human rights, consent, and not shaming while opening up about this matter.

In order to support this significant month, Yungblud shared a post on his official Instagram account stressing the importance of spreading awareness and educate those around you about the importance of consent since ‘no means no’ is still a confusing sentence for many.

Yungblud also stated that victims of sexual assault should never stay silent and refrain from talking about what they went through since there are many other people just like them, experienced the exact same thing, however, preferred silence due to the fear which is the obstacle we all need to fight and break as Yungblud stated.

Here is what Yungblud said in the post:

“Sexual assault is an issue that we take very seriously in the bhc. talk about it. raise awareness, spread the IMPORTANCE of consent, educate, be there for your friends who may have gone through trauma. spread love always and be fookin loud!!! #sexualassaultawarenessmonth”

Here is what he said in the caption section:

never stay silent there is always someone out there going through the exact same thing as you. you can find the words. you can find the courage. you can feel better. I fucking believe in you. #sexualassaultawarenessmonth”

You can see the Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Yungblud – Instagram Page