Wolfgang Van Halen Seems Determined To Fight Back Van Halen Reunion Pressure

In a series of recent tweets, the Mammoth WVH frontman Wolfgang Van Halen addressed calls for a Van Halen reunion.

A user initially said to the rocker with a comment:

“Mate, stop living off your dad. Why don’t you do one better reform Van Halen and just do that tribute to your dad? You don’t have to call it Van Halen. It would be good to see those songs come back to life, especially with Sammy or Dave.”

Wolf responded:

“‘Stop living off your dad, and reform Van Halen.’ Pack it up, guys. We’ve reached peak Wolf troll stupidity.”

The musician continued with the following tweet, writing:

“Can a smart person be mean to me or something so I can just be like, ‘Huh, that’s mean, but at least he’s smart, so he might kinda know what he’s talking about’ because that never happens.”

He also stated, adding to his previous post:

“It’s always either some beer-soaked burnout who can barely string together a cohesive sentence or some loser that jerks off to the thought of being blocked.”

Besides the fan requests, Wolfgang also keeps getting similar questions regarding a Van Halen reunion in his interviews. In a chat with Linea Rock in May, the singer said the following when asked about Alex Van Halen’s intentions to reform the band:

“No. [A reunion won’t take place]… I think with Foo Fighters, they have a lot less drama in their camp, and unfortunately, with Van Halen, there’s many pieces that don’t operate as they should; unfortunately, but that’s neither here or there; that’s just how reality is sometimes.”

The frontman also explained that Alex was the ultimate decision-maker in all matters about Van Halen:

“I’m certainly there to aid him in anything, but he [Al] is absolutely the end-all when it comes to everything.”

You can check out the tweets below.