Wolfgang Van Halen Breaks Silence On Band Drama Amid David Lee Roth’s Attack

Wolfgang Van Halen has finally broken his silence amid David Lee Roth’s attacks towards the singer.

Earlier, the Van Halen rocker made numerous attacks on Wolfgang, claiming that WVH did not give him any attention during their joint tour. Despite addressing every comment he found offensive, the rocker remained silent for a long time.

Now, more recently, in a new interview with 94.3 The Shark Radio, Wolfgang discussed the touring band and the drama in the band. Apparently, the things he has been a part of have affected the way the band operates:

“I think we’ve actually been hitting a pretty great stride. I think everything I’ve been a part of — all the positives and negatives — have sort of influenced the way Mammoth operates. We don’t really have any room for personalities to make it a hard time [and make you] feel like you’re walking on eggshells. I think drama just isn’t worth it. [Laughs] And if you could just get together and have a good time with your friends and make some music, I think that’s all that really matters.”

The rocker still did not openly respond to Roth’s words.

What Caused The Argument?

It all started when Wolfgang alleged that his only record with the band, ‘A Different Kind Of Truth,’ was absent from major streaming services due to Roth’s dislike for it. After Wolfgang’s statement, Roth shared a video titled ‘This Crazy Kid..,’ where he criticized the bassist for ejecting his guests from a New York performance during the last tour. Roth also asserted that Wolfgang accused the singer of not giving him attention on stage during their joint tour. Sometime later, Roth shared an additional video, where he included an apology, only to later turn out to be fake.

‘A Different Kind Of Truth’ achieved significant commercial success upon its release, with sales surpassing 411,000 copies in the U.S. alone by the end of 2012. However, in October 2022, the album was removed from almost all streaming platforms. After the album was launched, Van Halen went on tours in 2012 and 2015, with Wolfgang playing the bass. These tours turned out to be their last performances before the band broke up.

Watch the full interview below.