Wolfgang Van Halen Admits A Fact About A Van Halen Album: ‘It’s Not Everyone’s Favorite’

Mammoth WVH founder and the late guitar legend Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang posted some pictures from the Van Halen tour for ‘A Different Kind Of Truth‘ album on Instagram and shared his feelings about his contribution to the album even though some people didn’t enjoy it as much as he did.

As you may recall, Van Halen released their 12th and last studio album titled ‘A Different Kind Of Truth’ back in 2012. The iconic frontman David Lee Roth performed the vocals in the album while the band’s bassist Michael Anthony was not involved in the recordings. Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang replaced Anthony for the album when he was only 16 years old.

Roth previously defined the album as ‘a sort of collaboration with Van Halen’s past‘ since it comprised of some of the reworked demos as well as previously released b-sides. Following the release of the album, Van Halen members began their ‘A Different Kind of Truth Tour’ on February 18, 2012, in Louisville, which was consisted of 46 shows in total.

Recently on Instagram, Wolfgang Van Halen posted several pictures with her late father Eddie Van Halen from their performances during ‘A Different Kind of Truth Tour.’ In the caption of his post, Wolf admitted that ‘A Different Kind of Truth’ album isn’t everyone’s favorite comparing to the other iconic works of Van Halen.

However, the young musician stated that regardless of the fans’ opinions, he is still proud of his ‘contribution to the formula and process.’ As he recalls the special memories he had with his father on this tour almost nine years ago, Wolfgang mentioned how grateful he is for being able to experience all of them. He also added that he actually misses his father since his devastating death on October 6, 2020, due to cancer.

Here is what Wolf Van Halen wrote in the caption of his post:

“2/7/12. 9 years ago we released #ADifferentKindofTruth.

It’s not everyone’s favorite, but I’m proud of my contribution to the formula and process.

The following tour was also one of my favorites. Wonderful memories I’m eternally grateful for. Time flies…

Miss you Pop ❤️”

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