Wolfgang Explains What Will Happen To Eddie Van Halen’s 5150 Recording Studio


Mammoth WVH’s founder Wolfgang Van Halen recently answered some of his fans’ questions through his Twitter account and disclosed what he’s planning on doing with his father’s legendary 5150 studio while mocking some fans for not foreseeing what was going to happen.

As you know, Wolfgang released his debut solo song ‘Distance‘ a month after his father’s passing, as a tribute to the late rockstar. In a later interview, he revealed that he’d started writing the song when his father was still alive, as a means of coping with the thought that he might lose his father one day.

The song was a huge success and debuted at No. 1 on iTunes and the Billboard charts, surpassing AC/DC’s latest album, PWR UP. Following that, Wolf started working even harder on his debut studio album, for which he’s playing all the instruments and singing all the vocals. His debut album will be released on June 11, 2021, and to this day, he’s released six singles from his upcoming album.

As there are less than two weeks left, Wolf has been spending some extra time on social media, responding to his fans’ questions. One of the questions that he found the most interesting, was considering Eddie Van Halen’s iconic 5150 recording studio. A fan asked Wolf what he’s planning to do with it; whether he’ll rent it to other bands or let it sit idle.

To this, Wolf responded by saying that there’s a third, very obvious option that they’re missing. The young rockstar said that he himself will continue using it as it’s where he’ll record for the rest of his life. Following that, numerous fans showed their support for Wolf and said that he deserves to be in that studio.

Here’s what a fan asked:

“Hey, Wolf Van Halen, I was wondering; what’s gonna happen with 5150 studio? Will it be opened to other recording bands, or will it sit idle for all time?”

To which Wolf responded:

It’s where I’m going to record for the rest of my life.”

Then went on to say:

“There’s a third option you’re missing.”

Another fan commented:

“You will use 5150 studios to record all your badass music and make the jaws drop of all your haters? Prove every last one of those MFers that you belong here and you’re here to stay, damn it!”

You can check out the tweets below.