Wolfgang Compares Van Halen’s 1984 Album Cover To Mammoth’s Upcoming One


Mammoth WVH’s founder Wolfgang Van Halen recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and addressed some questions considering his upcoming album while comparing it to one of Van Halen’s most iconic albums, which attracted fans’ attention.

Following Eddie’s passing in October 2020 and Van Halen’s disbandment, Wolfgang released his debut solo song ‘Distance‘ on November 16, 2020, as a tribute to his father which debuted at No. 1 and achieved mainstream success. Wolf has been relentlessly working on his solo career since then and some months ago, he announced that his debut solo album will be released on June 11, 2021.

Prior to the official release of his album, Wolf released six singles and he has been receiving numerous questions from fans considering the cover art of his upcoming album. The album cover features a giant crab that is stepping on cars and there’s a man in a suit who’s calmly looking at it.

The question that most fans asked was considering the connection between Mammoth WVH and a giant crab and criticized him by saying that it makes no sense. Wolf shared the definition of the word mammoth, which is enormous and gigantic, and said that this is what the giant crab stands for.

However, he kept receiving questions to which he eventually responded with a Van Halen reference. He shared the album cover of 1984 and asked a series of questions to point out that it didn’t make sense either. For instance, the reason why there’s a smoking baby with wings on the cover makes no sense and it doesn’t have to.

Here’s what he said in his first tweet in which he shared the definition of the word mammoth:

“To the (way more than I ever expected amount of) people asking: ‘Um what’s up with the crab on your album cover?'”

And then added:

“Ok so, I get it’s 1984 because of the Roman numerals, but like… Why the baby? And why does he have wings? And.. why is he smoking? Can someone explain this to me?”

You can check out the tweets below.

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