Wolf Van Halen Says Travis Barker And Danny Carey Were His Biggest Drum Influences

Wolfgang Van Halen recently gave an interview to Matt Pinfield from 95.5 KLOS, in which he reflected on his musical influences. He revealed that Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and Tool drummer Danny Carey were his biggest drum influences.

Wolf Van Halen is known chiefly for his bass guitar and vocal talents, but he is actually a multi-instrumentalist like his father, Eddie Van Halen. Besides bass, he also plays drums and keyboards. He started playing drums when he was nine with the encouragement of his father but then moved on to guitar and bass.

This is probably not surprising to find out, considering the musical environment he grew up in. During the conversation, the interviewer asked Wolf who were his other influences besides his father while growing up. He responded that people are sort of surprised when he says that, but he really liked Blink-182’s music, and they were a great band according to him.

He also revealed that the band’s drummer Travis Barker was one of his biggest influences in drumming. Wolf has enjoyed listening to Tool as well, and Danny Carey’s drumming style highly inspired him. He couldn’t entirely understand the way he played, but he still tried everything to copy him. Thus, Wolfgang Van Halen thinks that both Barker and Carey pushed him to be a better drummer. It is interesting that he preferred these names instead of his uncle Alex Van Halen, who is also a successful drummer.

Here is how Wolf Van Halen revealed his biggest drum influences:

“I think a lot of elitists have already really shrugged and rolled their eyes whenever I bring this up, but a huge band for me at least growing up in terms of what I enjoyed for music was Blink-182. I loved the way they did harmonies with the vocals, and then also Travis Barker was one of my biggest, like first and honest drum influences I found on my own.

And then, from there, Tool was the bigger band that really influenced me. I couldn’t count or figure out how the songs were being played, but I did my best to mimic everything I heard Danny Carey do, and I think that made me a better drummer for it.”

You can listen to the entire conversation below.