Wolf Van Halen Defends His Mother Valerie Bertinelli After The Elon Musk Incident

Elon Musk constantly manages to attract the spotlight, both with his sometimes extreme ideas and with the steps he takes as a business person. When he finally took over Twitter after lengthy discussions, it again significantly impacted social media. There were already those who were wary of this idea, and his first moves as he took Twitter stirred a greater controversy. Valerie Bertinelli was among his sarcastic critics, but her move to impersonate Elon Musk on Twitter was widely criticized. Her son was also quick to stand behind his mother.

“She’s not crying about anything, you dumbf*ck,” wrote Wolfgang Van Halen in reply to a user saying Bertinelli changed her Twitter name and got caught. “Her profile picture is right there. Christ, a dog could waltz into the room you’re in right now, and the total IQ would triple.”

Van Halen, who seemed genuinely annoyed at the heavy criticism Valerie received, didn’t stop there and continued to defend his mother in the same aggressive tone. He wrote, “I’ve never said a f*cking thing about politics. But if people start insulting my mom like they’re in elementary school because she has different opinions than them (you know, like people do,) then I’m going to defend her. Enough of this veiled threat, sh*t dude.”

As you know, one of Elon Musk’s last steps for Twitter was to change the blue checkmark verification system to make it more secure. Thus, it aimed to verify the identities of users seamlessly. However, according to Valerie Bertinelli, this system would not work as perfectly as Elon Musk thought. To illustrate this, she sarcastically renamed her blue checkmark-verified account to ‘Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and now Twitter.’

She managed to fool some Twitter users with her Musk impersonation. However, this move was heavily criticized by many users. After the event got bigger than she expected, Bertinelli said that she showed what she wanted to show and had fun at the same time but never liked being ’a trending gal,’ so the tensions escalated to the point where Wolf said she received ‘veiled threats.’

The ‘fake accounts’ on Twitter are a big problem, especially regarding verbal violence and bullying. However, the step taken by Musk does not seem to work very well, as Bertinelli showed by impersonating Musk. It is not known whether Musk will take a different action in this regard.