Why Ritchie Blackmore Doesn’t Listen To Rock Music Anymore


After Deep Purple was first formed in 1968, their legacy was set in stone as the pioneers of heavy metal and modern hard rock with their best-selling popular records. The band went through several lineup changes and other incidents because of personal differences and creative choices in the following years. Still, it didn’t stop them from becoming one of ‘The Unholy Trinity of British Hard Rock and Heavy Metal’ along with Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

Also, the band’s lead guitarist Ritchie Blackmore drew significant attention from music lovers and critics with his distinctive way of playing guitar and unique sounds. After Deep Purple, the guitarist preserved his success and popularity with Rainbow, and the band combined elements of baroque music and hard rock in its works. Even though he gained fame as a rock musician, Blackmore’s ideas on the genre have changed a lot over time.

Why Did Ritchie Blackmore Stop Listening To Rock Music?


It’s surprising to learn that Ritchie Blackmore stopped listening to rock music, including both the classics and new ones, considering his influence on rock guitarists. Many applauded musicians such as Dave Meniketti, Randy Rhoads, Lita Ford, Brian May, and Yngwie Malmsteen have named him their most significant influence in the various interviews that they joined.

Blackmore explained his decision not to follow rock and roll musicians or listen to new songs and the older ones during an interview. The guitarist stated that rock music is becoming more and more ‘generic’ nowadays, and he’s probably referring to the sounds and lyrics being very similar to each other, which can cause the death of originality. However, he added that playing guitar is now more complex, and there’s a high standard.

In Blackmore’s words, he stated:

“I’m not listening to too much rock and roll these days. I find it sometimes feels a bit generic. I feel, ‘Well, I heard that years ago.’ Although I think the standard of guitar playing is so high now. Too much competition. I’m going back to Renaissance music.”

Some fans might wonder what Blackmore was listening to and working on instead of rock music, but the hardcore fans knew the answer. Blackmore has always been into Renaissance music, defined as the 15th and 16th centuries European music. He shows this great interest in one of his projects named Blackmore’s Night. The rocker and his wife and singer Candice Night formed the neo-Renaissance folk-rock band in 1977.

This lesser-known band released eleven studio albums, and the latest one, entitled ‘Nature’s Light,’ was released on March 12, 2021. They became famous for their fusing folk-rock and renaissance music, so it can be understood from the band’s history that Blackmore will continue to focus on Renaissance music rather than rock.